How could anyone deny that our climate is changing? More severe and frequent flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes. Oh, yeah, the deniers are the politicians who are being paid off by the corporations who don’t give a rats ass about the well-being of the planet. All they care about is profits, profits, profits.

You can find scientists on both sides of this issue. Whether the earth is going into a natural warming cycle, which has happened several times in the geological history of the planet and I suspect is the case. Some say the sun is getting hotter, which is causing the temperatures of the earth to rise, some say the sun is getting cooler. What are we to believe? Either way, it seems clear that human activity is, at the very least, exacerbating the problems that are everywhere you look.

Even if human activity is not the cause of the ice caps melting, causing oceans to rise, we are raping the planet of its beauty along with the balance of nature. No matter what humans do, including nuking ourselves off of the planet, life will go on in some fashion. But I think we’d all like to have the earth stay habitable for our children and their children.

Caring about the planet and doing everything possible to bring it to a state of sustainability is the goal of E E. Oil and coal are unhealthy for humans, as well as the earth. That is clear and obvious. Look at any oil field, tar sands pit, coal mining operation, and the rivers and oceans that have had oil spills, and you can’t help but be saddened. Look at what Indonesia is doing to its rain forests to make way for cheap palm oil so processed food manufacturers can make more profit selling Doritos and the like.

We have choices in all we do. We have choices in what and how much we buy. We have choices to boycott corporations who don’t care about the world your children will inherit. Climate change? There is no doubt that is happening. Man made? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, we are destroying this beautiful planet at a rapid rate.

I believe it is our duty to do everything we can to heal our planet so we can pass it down to our children so they can have a chance at enjoying the diversity of life forms that has evolved on this earth over the eons of time. At the very least, we can clean up the air and water that is essential to all life forms.

If you would like to become better informed so you can determine how you can help, Huffington Post offers the latest news about climate change.

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” Mahatma Gandhi

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