Naughty me, I just used that title to get your attention. The answer is no, even if you ate the walls or set the place on fire (which you can’t) thinking you could inhale the smoke.

Hemp is a real game-changer in the housing industry, or at least it will be when the various governments get their heads out of their butts on this and SO many issues. Oh, don’t get me started.

Okay, hemp houses. They make a kind of brick out of hemp and lime. It is super insulating, strong, and lightweight. Can’t burn, and lasts.

There are so many ways that hemp can be used, but housing has such great possibilities around the world. Hemp is a low cost and fast growing crop, so that will keep the costs down, and as more and more people learn how to work with it, the potential is huge.

Check out this house made from hemp. It’s a bit fancy so not as cheap as what you might build for areas of low-income, but at least this video gives you an idea. If you’re really interested you can go on YouTube and search hemp housing. There are several videos on the subject.

“We must create the future by design, not by accident.” —Riddhima Yadav

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