Love is what moves us to care. Caring for a lover, family member, friend, and even that spider you are willing to carry outside rather than smashing it. Love is what moves us to want to find out what someone’s story is, rather than judging them because of how they look.

Love is what inspires us to form a group to clean up the beaches. Love is what causes us to donate $10 once a month to an organization that is working to clean up the planet.

Love is at the heart of The CorD Method. Love is known by many names; compassion, caring, offering a hand, protecting a dying species, cuddling with your dog, visiting grandma even though she always smells funny, smiling at strangers, sending healing energy out to the world.

So, yeah, love has everything to do with it. Without love in our hearts, we are just missing out on the magic of being a human being. Lacking love could be from depression set in motion because you were abused as a child; lacking love could be because you were taught to hate; lack of love could simply be because you’ve never experienced it before.

You Can Up Your Love Quotient

Whether love is an awesome part of your life or not, I believe it is always possible to up your love quotient. The only exception is when the wiring in a person’s mind is mixed up. And for those, I send my blessings.

How do you expand the love in your heart? The first step is simply to decide. Yes, make the choice to start looking for ways to love. Notice the flower with the sun shining through and allow yourself to appreciate that simple gift.

Begin to consciously express gratitude for what you have. Gratitude is the quickest way to shift your energy. But you can’t just say you’re grateful, you have to feel it.

Go through The CorD Method again and notice the things for which you feel empathy, then kick it up a notch and decide how you can turn it into compassion. I wrote about the difference elsewhere. But to sum it up quickly here, empathy is when you can relate to someone hurting, compassion is when you do something about it.

Turn Empathy Into Compassion

Here’s an example of how it works. I go to a restaurant every Wednesday evening here in San Miguel de Allende. The assistant manager and I have a sweet friendship. He shared with me two weeks ago that his mother had died and he’d just found out when his brother called to tell him.

I could have just said I was sorry, and be quite sincere. But I moved over to where he’d sat down and put my arm around his shoulder and hugged him. He said he was grateful he was working because he dreaded going home because he lives along. Then, I found myself thinking about him all night and the next day. I stopped by the restaurant to give him a hug, but he wasn’t in. So when I saw him the next Wednesday, I hugged him but he hugged me back stronger than usual, and for longer. I’m certain he did that because he knew I really cared. I don’t say this to brag, only to show the difference. I care for this man, and he can feel it. That’s the difference between empathy and compassion.

And why did I write about this today? Because I saw this video on Facebook. And not just because it’s John Legend, one of my favorite singers, but because the images in the video stirred me. They remind me of why I started this website and why I hope something I write or share on this site will inspire you to evolve and love more freely. The world needs all the love it can get.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” —Dalai Lama

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