When You Learn How Much You Don’t Know

I just finished watching Leonardo DiCaprio and National Geographic’s movie, “Before the Flood.” I have been staying on top of what’s happening to our planet for many years, or so I thought. But I learned a lot in this film that I didn’t know.

It’s certainly an eye-opener, especially if you haven’t been paying much attention to what’s happening to our planet. On one side it feels like it’s too late to do anything, but there is enough in the film that gives some hope, but only if we act quickly.

Here’s what we can all do, starting right now by consuming differently:

  1. Buy less of everything and repair when possible – Read Less Or More
  2. Avoid all processed food, especially those that have palm oil
  3. Stop eating beef (one of the biggest polluters) or at least cut back half or more
  4. Use alternative sources of power in every way possible and use less of it

It doesn’t help that the biggest polluter, the U.S.A., just elected a bunch of crooks who say they deny climate. But I’m pretty sure they’re just being true to the oil tycoons who bought their souls. I guess they don’t have children or grandchildren.

Get some popcorn, grab a friend or two, and be inspired to step things up. I know I will be. I already sold my car and walk most of the time, and purchase as little as I can, but I know there is more I can do. Oh, by the way, my grandson was born last night (November 18th), so I’m doubling my commitment to stir things up as much as I can. Help me by telling all your friends to watch this movie, then come over here to EE and get inspired to kick some butt.

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.” —David Orr

Free Mind-Opening Ebook

More than anything else I’ve found, The Zeitgeist Movement Defined, Realizing a New Train of Thought, gives me more hope that a beautiful future is possible for all. Not right away, though. We all need to shift our thinking, open our hearts, and awaken to a new way of seeing the world. If you truly want to heal the planet and build a better future, download this book for free. I am on my second reading, have watched all three Zeitgeist Documentaries, posted here on EE, along with some of Peter Joseph’s interviews. Consider joining or starting a Zeitgeist Chapter where you live.