Vertical farming is growing, all over the world. Less water, no fertilizer, no need for huge areas of land that waste water, pollute because of pesticides and fertilizer, no trucks driving miles and miles to deliver the produce. Some use sunshine, some use lights, some use a combination.

Many are set up in abandoned buildings. Some are on roofs of buildings. They are often called Urban Vertical Farms because the produce is grown where it will be purchased and consumed.

There are so many benefits, and as technology improves, it will become a huge boon to solving several of the world’s ecological problems. Not only are there large vertical farms popping up all over the world, but you can easily create a vertical farm in your back yard, or in a greenhouse if you live in a place with cold winters. You can grow enough for your family all year round, or grow enough to sell and add to your income. Go to YouTube and search vertical farm and you’ll see all the possibilities.

Vertical farming is the future, and it’s exciting to see the innovation as it becomes an acceptable way to feed the world.

“Good planets are hard to find. Don’t blow it.” —Author Unknown

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