Okay, I will admit that I made up the new verb ‘cahooting’ (or at least I think I did) but you’ll see that it’s a good word to add to our nomenclature. You may not recognize the word cahoots. When I was young, I’d occasionally hear someone say, “They’re in cahoots.” Here is the definition, which will help make sense of the word: Cahoots – Colluding or conspiring together secretly.

I’ve thought about this for a while, and I am convinced that most of the world’s social and ecological problems are caused by cahooting. Throughout history, the power elite have had lots of meetings behind closed doors.

A big cahoot was when a group of the richest and most powerful men met in secret on November 22, 1910, at the Jekyll Island Club, some of whose members were some of the biggest names in finance. It was so secret that they were told to arrive after dark and to use only their first names. They told reporters they were going duck hunting, but their intention was to draft a reform of the nation’s banking industry–so it would be in their favor, then put it before the politicians, and get exactly what they needed to control the US monetary system. They were successful, and that reform has had dire consequences for the US, and the world. To fully understand those consequences, read The Zeitgeist Movement Defined, linked below. The video I’ve posted along with this article will give you a good overview. It’s long but to not care about the financial system is a form of societal suicide.

Another cahoot happened when John Pierpont Morgan started rumors that caused the Panic of 1907. This panic ushered in the Federal Reserve, cementing the private hold on the US economy that has cahootingly brought about the poverty and stresses of modern life all around the world.

You know there’s been hours and hours of cahooting in war rooms over the years. Much cahooting has occurred between the military and those who profit from war. Lobbyists cahoot with politicians all the time, maybe not in back rooms, but for sure in dining facilities, on golf courses, and hotel conference rooms.

Bush Jr. did a lot of cahooting when planning to take away many of the rights of US citizens. When you combine brainwashing and cahooting, you end up with a society that is now experiencing so much fear and frustration.

Much cahooting goes on between doctors, hospitals, and the big pharmaceutical corporations. Sadly, much of what is decided in those secret meetings is harmful and even fatal to the lives of the people who trust their medical providers.

Politicians talk about transparency, but I think they mostly mean transparency of our lives. They can now peek into our most private moments. Maybe not in our bedrooms and bathrooms (unless your computer is open, and your camera isn’t covered, like mine is) but they are intruding in every way they can. But guess what, there are no cameras showing the public what goes on in the war rooms, on the golf courses, the dining rooms, or hotel conference rooms.

The cahooting is not likely to stop. So that means it’s up to us to step up and do whatever we can to bring about the necessary changes that will heal society and our planet. There are plenty of problems that need solutions. Pick one that inspires you and do everything you can to help bring about the changes we all want to see. Just do something.

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” —Benjamin Disraeli

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