This blog post is inspired by the film, ‘A Simpler Life.’ The film begins by talking about the story we’ve been living, the story we’ve been told all our lives. That story is that the way to be happy is for the world’s economy to grow. And the way to make it grow is to buy more stuff, to put it very simply.

But more stuff is the opposite of finding happiness. Happiness comes from Connection with the people in our lives, being Compassionate toward others, and Caring for all life forms, and the precarious ecological systems that govern our world. The CorD Method explains why this is crucial to everything we want out of life, and for the lives of our children.

With the election of a world class narcissist, baby, and bully, and his posse of climate deniers, and apparent hatred of anyone who is middle class or lower, it is up to us to transform our world. What I mean by that is that each of us has a world in which we live. Some worlds are quite small, with just a handful of people with whom a person interacts, and a small area in which they move, like their neighborhood and their work. Others have a huge world, interacting with and influencing thousands, or even millions, and traveling the world. But whatever size your world is, you can impact it in a positive way.

Image each person surrounded by a bubble that represents their world, their reach, as it were.¬†Each person’s bubble is a different size, depending on how large their world is. Picture them walking along sidewalks, moving about in their homes, stores, and offices, driving on roads, each surrounded by their bubble. If you really could see their bubbles, you would notice that their bubbles intermingle. It’s happening all the time, even though the individuals are unaware.

Can you imagine what would happen if you decided to purposefully share with others what matters to you? You would watch your bubble of influence grow, wouldn’t you? And imagine what would happen when more and more people choose to expand their bubbles? This is how the power of ‘we’ grows. And as more and more people want to become vehicles of positive influence, the speed of growth expands. What if your goal was to effect others, to such a degree that the speed of growth became exponential? It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it?

So how can you begin to ‘grow your bubble of influence? First, shed any fear you have of sharing with others the things that are important to you. Be real, be authentic, show your passion and your heart. That is what makes people respond.

Use The CorD Method as your guide. Find ways to Connect with others and explain that you are doing so on purpose. Look for ways to show Compassion to others. When you have the opportunity, explain to them the value of using The CorD Method and how, in its simplicity, it can help build a more humane future. Get involved with people who are Caring for the world around you. Tell them about the 3 C’s of Compassion, Caring, and Connection and how they can be everyone’s guiding light toward a better world.

Most people are not doing big things to help improve the world. Actually, most people are doing nothing, and in fact, are adding to the problems. But if you share with others the small things you do, you will eventually find more and more people who care as much as you do. Maybe in your sharing, your passion will inspire someone to care.

This is the power of ‘we.’ The power of individuals working together to make the world a better place is what will transform our society and our world. It is not necessary to rely on the government to solve problems. In fact, too many don’t care, and some want to destroy our efforts because they fear the loss of money and power. But there are a lot more of ‘us’ than ‘them.’ We have the power of numbers. And if enough people wake up and embrace what I teach in The CorD Method, ‘they’ will not be able to keep their positions of authority.

A simpler way of life doesn’t mean you live off of the land, grow all your own food, and light your nights with candles. It means doing lots of little things, every day, to add to the cumulative power of ‘we.’ All those efforts will help heal the planet because we will buy less, which means we will pollute less, fewer will be needed for slave labor, and we can wake up out of the fog of brainwashing that has brought us to this point in time.

Yes, we have all been brainwashed; by corporations to buy more, even before the old wears out; by politicians by making promises they never keep; and by religions that require you to believe what cannot be proven, and to doubt science.

Critical thinking is essential to solving today’s seemingly insurmountable problems. That means you must question authority, question anything that requires faith, question why you do the things you do, and why you believe what you believe. Be like a scientist and question even that which seems immutable. Because often, with a deeper look, more powerful tools, and asking questions that new information births, even what was considered absolute, changes with new information.

The more you question, the more you seek answers and solutions, you will become a powerful force toward healing our planet. That’s when your story will change. Together ‘we’ can build a world that sustains all of humanity and the planet. That’s a story worth writing, don’t you think?

There Are Many Ways To Put The CorD Method Into Action

“The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power.” —Wael Ghonim

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