Oil was a good thing until it wasn’t. Today, we have advanced beyond most of our need for oil. But that doesn’t mean the oil industry cares. They want to push as hard as possible before the public finally has the power to stop them.

If you’ve ever wondered what the whole pipeline fuss was about, or why we need to take action to move all of society in the direction of renewable energy sources, this is the best video I’ve seen so far. It is clear, concise, and offers a wide range of things you can do to become part of the solution.

Please take the time to watch it and then pass it along to everyone you can. And if you want to know how we can have a humane and sustainable world, please download The Zeitgeist Movement Defined. It is the only thing that gives me hope for the kind of future we only dream about. Together, we can make it a reality.

“Explain to future generations why it was good for the economy when they can’t farm the land, breathe the air, or drink the water.” —Collective Unconscious

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More than anything else I’ve found, The Zeitgeist Movement Defined, Realizing a New Train of Thought, gives me more hope that a beautiful future is possible for all. Not right away, though. We all need to shift our thinking, open our hearts, and awaken to a new way of seeing the world. If you truly want to heal the planet and build a better future, download this book for free. I am on my second reading, have watched all three Zeitgeist Documentaries, posted here on EE, along with some of Peter Joseph’s interviews. Consider joining or starting a Zeitgeist Chapter where you live.