I was enjoying sharing new posts here until SCOTUS* was elected. Even before he took office, I was scared of what he might do, but I was certain he would be the trigger for a ‘tipping point’ that would wake people up.

Now that we see his daily battle against people’s freedoms, the safety of our planet, ripping the rug out from under so many with changes in the health care system and social security, ad nauseam, we have a much better idea of what we are fighting against. Before it was just a question mark; now it is a reality.

I was right about the tipping point. Look how people who never marched before are taking to the streets to protest, how non-politicians are planning on running for elections at all levels, how young people are gathering together to save precious scientific information because there is well-founded fear that SCROTUS and his minions will dump anything that verifies that our planet is in trouble.

Because the destruction is coming so fast, it’s hard not to watch the ‘train wreck’ that is hurtling toward us. I admit that I have been too distracted to write new posts. I’ve wanted to, but I’ve felt a bit like a rabbit in the headlights. Frozen, with my mouth agape.

I have no idea where this craziness will take us, but one thing for sure is that we cannot forget to focus on what we do have control over. That is our hearts, our souls, and our minds. More than ever, applying The CorD Method of Self-Determination to every aspect of our daily lives is an imperative. SCROTUS and his minions are not going to help the everyday person. That is now crystal clear. Only the wealthy will benefit. Instead, the environment, hard working immigrants who just want a better life, and people living on the financial edge will suffer.

We need to look out for each other. We need to focus on family, friends, and anyone who is in need that we can help. Don’t have extra funds? Maybe you have extra time; maybe you’re strong and can help a neighbor; or you can work in a shelter, offer your time to help feed the hungry, find local charities or agencies that are set up to help people, animals, and the environment.

Whether SCROTUS cares or not isn’t the issue. We cannot let fear and anger harden our hearts. We owe it to ourselves to care for each other. We must also take care of ourselves. Eat well, meditate, spend time in nature, gets lots of sleep, don’t over-indulge with food, drink, or drugs. You are too precious to let evil-doers suck the life out of you. Compassion and Caring will keep our hearts soft for when this train wreck finally goes over the cliff. Whether he goes the full four years or he’s impeached, the train wreck will end. In the meantime, let’s pull together to create something beautiful that can flower once the dark clouds evaporate.

*SCROTUS: So-Called Ruler Of the United States

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