High school is a scary time for most everyone, even those who are in the ‘popular’ crowd. Most kids have feelings of insecurity and loneliness at different times.

For some, that isolation can be excruciating, especially at lunchtime.

One group of kids is changing all that. A high school senior has formed a club called We Dine Together, so no one in his school has to sit alone at lunch. Read the  Huffington Post article here.

The members of the club look for kids sitting alone at lunchtime, introduce themselves and get to know them. What a difference if every school incorporated this loving gesture. I suspect that it would even help some kids avoid suicide. Why not start a We Dine Together group in your school? Visit the We Dine Together Facebook page and learn how you can start a club in your school.

“Loneliness breaks the spirit.” –proverb

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