It’s easy to focus on all the awful things that are going on around the world, but that does not inspire us to embrace the teachings of The CorD Way.

Instead, it’s a better idea to make room to find the good that is happening all around us, like this innovation. It’s called GravityLight, and it is transforming people’s lives all around the planet.

When you watch the YouTube video below, you’ll understand how powerfully simple this idea is, and that their desire to keep it affordable is making lighting possible for many more people. It is also helping many avoid the cost and dangers of kerosene lighting.

To learn more, you can visit their Facebook Page, their website,

Is there a way for you to get involved? Maybe donate, or help people in an area of the world that does not have access to electricity? I am going to see how I can help those here in Mexico that live off-grid. This is such a simple way to help children study at night, to have light when cooking, or simply to be with family without relying on dangerous and expensive alternatives.

Simple solutions to big problems. That is the direction innovation needs to go.

The last sentence in the YouTube video brought tears to my eyes. I used it as the quote for this post below.

“I used to have a job, now I have a mission.” –Jim Reeves, Product Designer

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