From guest blogger, Ian McKenzie-Vincent. Ian lives in Nairobi, Kenya and speaks out passionately about the state of our world. Visit and Like his Facebook page, Climate Of Change Foundation.

An Age Of Denial

Homo sapiens, a species of supposedly intelligent primate, has always lived in total harmony with his environment, and hand-in-hand with nature during the course of most of the last 150,000 years. However, he is today showing an exponentially increasing disrespect for it because of the corporate greed and political corruption that has become almost totally uncontrollable since the advent of the Industrial Revolution just a hundred and seventy years ago.

As a result of this, man has basically forgotten the true meaning of the word consequence, and has raped and pillaged the earth’s resources without any concern, whatsoever, for what kind of a world his children and theirs will be forced to survive in during the years to come.

But now Mother Earth is fighting back with increasing ferocity, as witnessed by her most recent family of hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, Jose and Katia, their infant tornadoes, her wildfires along the line of America’s Pacific coast, and her disastrous floods throughout the Indian subcontinent, and across West Africa.

After all, it is the health of our terrestrial and oceanic environments that drive our climate, and not the other way around!!!

Greed and Corruption Rule

Despite this, the same monopolistic greed and global governmental corruption continues to drive us into an increasingly downward spiral of self-destruction until nature will have no option but to wipe our species off the face of the earth, and then try yet again with regards to orchestrating some other form of superior life that respects her, and one that safeguards the future of every, eons-old, form of life on earth..

But that will only be if Mother Earth decides that this is truly necessary. After all, She did far better without us for the last couple of billion years, just as She will obviously do for the rest of time unless we very quickly treat Her with the respect She so richly deserves.

And it is with this eventual understanding that nature is starting to wage a war against us by way of climate change and rising sea levels in response to our total disrespect of Her ultimately unbeatable forces, and as observed by numerous, globally respected, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, the looming threat of even more catastrophic, possibly apocalyptic climate changes and sea level rises has subconsciously made most human beings a little disorientated and mentally unbalanced.

Enter the Age Of Denial

And this is exactly why climate-change deniers have entered an age of denial.

After all, and while both the origins of our species and modern man himself have always stood up to fight wars since time began, they have never had to fight a war against their environment, the most powerful adversary they have ever faced.

A war against the fact that one single thunderstorm can pack more power than every bullet and bomb, combined, that man has ever detonated during the course of the last five hundred years.
This is incomprehensible to man’s instinctive logic and he is, today, desperately trying to deny all the facts at his disposal by sweeping them under the carpet in a vain effort to will them away.

A Few Reasons Why

This is quite simply evidenced by the following:-

  1. From the above, it is becoming increasingly apparent that most men in power are becoming so unbalanced they no longer care about the future of their children and theirs.
  2. In 1981, Britain’s ITV broadcast a documentary called ‘Warming Warning’ about pollution and environmental destruction-driven global warming. Despite the sheer impact of its images and narration, and its supportive comments from both reputed climate scientists and American presidential advisors, it was studiously ignored.
  3. In 2006, America’s once-vice-president, Al Gore, produced a climate-change documentary called ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. It too was ignored, as was its sequel entitled “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”. Equally ignored was a more recent film called “Before the Floods”, and produced by Leonardo Di Caprio
  4. Global corporate greed and political corruption have ensured that the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change has never had the opportunity to hold an international environmental conference. This is despite the fact that environmental destruction drives climate change, and not vice-versa. This is the precise reason why the Paris Climate Change Accord (COP 21) was such a total failure.
  5. This same greed and corruption have denied the global population the right to have a paramilitary, global environmental protection force, and a totally ruthless international environmental criminal court with just nine judges and no jury, just like the American Supreme Court.

Need I say more???

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
—Dr. Seuss

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