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My name is Kara Oh. I’ve been an author, speaker, and blogger for years. For the past fifteen years my topic has been on relationships and how to be happy. I moved from Santa Barbara, California, to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in July of 2016. My plan was to write my memoir, finish a novel I’ve been working on, and complete a program on how to develop the habit of being happy.

After several weeks in Mexico I was still dragging my feet. I just couldn’t get into my writing projects. Then, in the middle of the night I had one of those ‘oh-shit’ moments. I woke out of a sound sleep and sat up like a bolt of lightening had landed in my bedroom. In my mind, almost as if it was on a TV screen, was a fully formed idea of what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. That idea has become

What inspired my epiphany? I had just finished reading The Zeitgeist Movement, and had watched all of the author, Peter Joseph’s, documentaries on YouTube. Then there was the craziness of the U.S. 2016 election posts on Facebook. And finally, the threat of a III World War looming over all our heads. My brain was on overload with the idea that there is a better way, as described in The Zeitgeist Movement, and the fear that there might not be time to fix the problems of the world.

Teaching Young People How To Heal Their World

Got Some Love For Our World?

As you are well aware, our planet is in big trouble. I believe that it will be today’s young people who will save it, not the selfish men and women who are now in power.

I realize you might see me as an old lady and discount what I might have to offer you. But I’ve lived a few years and gained a lot of wisdom in that time. I’ve also been paying attention, learning and gathering resources my entire adult life. And now I want to share it with you.

I care about the future more than you can imagine. One reason is that I have grandchildren. One is a twenty-one-year old who just completed his junior year at USC in Los Angeles (he’s working with the Hyperloop team right now), another is a nine-year-old granddaughter, and a grandson who was born November 17, 2016.

I also care deeply about this glorious, magical planet. It is in trouble and needs our help. I want to do everything I can to make a better world for my grandchildren, and all future generations. That requires we fix the world’s problems as quickly as possible.

I believe that is possible and I will show you how that can be done. Click Start Here to discover how powerful you can be.

P.S. In case you’re curious, you can visit my relationship website at, and my YouTube channel with 250 videos.

Water Problem Must Be Solved
“I believe it will be the youth of today that will heal the world because they know it is their future that is at risk.” –Kara Oh

Free Mind-Opening Ebook

More than anything else I’ve found, The Zeitgeist Movement Defined, Realizing a New Train of Thought, gives me more hope that a beautiful future is possible for all. Not right away, though. We all need to shift our thinking, open our hearts, and awaken to a new way of seeing the world. If you truly want to heal the planet and build a better future, download this book for free. I am on my second reading, have watched all three Zeitgeist Documentaries, posted here on EE, along with some of Peter Joseph’s interviews. Consider joining or starting a Zeitgeist Chapter where you live.