There’s a Method To My Madness

If you’ve poked around Every Evolving (EE) at all, you know our focus is to heal the planet so you and future generations can benefit. Big idea, but doable, with enough people taking steps—both big and small—toward that goal. Yes, it will take time, but the only thing that can mess up the entire thing is if the people with nukes begin a match of dueling dicks. No one will win that one.

Only because of technology can we now solve the world’s largest problems. For example:

  1. With hydroponic vertical farming, enough wholesome food can be grown to feed the world.
  2. With wind, solar, and wave technology, enough energy can be made to more than handle the world’s needs, without the pollution of oil and coal.
  3. When the imbalance in economics is removed, poverty will no longer be the largest, must inhumane killer on the planet.
  4. With today’s technology, inexpensive, easy-to-assemble housing can be available to most.
  5. And with technology, people can pursue their interests and creative passions without wasting their lives in the drudgery of work as we know it today.

You’re welcome to roam EE all you want, but some of the things I’m talking about are kind of ‘out there.’ So I recommend you first take a look at Are You Brainwashed, then scoot over to The CorD Method to see what that’s all about. Both of these will give you a foundation for comprehending what else EE has under its hood.

You may have already taken a peek at some of those flippy things on the home page, but in case you haven’t, you’ll find links to those pages below, as well as pretty much everything else. I want to make it as easy for you as possible.

After you’ve gotten a flavor of what EE offers you’ll have a much clearer understanding of how powerful we can be when we work together to heal our beautiful planet and create a fresh new future.

Heal the planet for future generations

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“We know, intellectually that confronting an issue is the only way to resolve it. But any resolution will disrupt the status quo. Given the choice between conflict and change on the one hand, and inertia on the other, the ostrich position can seem very attractive.” –Margaret Hefferman

Free Mind-Opening Ebook

More than anything else I’ve found, The Zeitgeist Movement Defined, Realizing a New Train of Thought, gives me more hope that a beautiful future is possible for all. Not right away, though. We all need to shift our thinking, open our hearts, and awaken to a new way of seeing the world. If you truly want to heal the planet and build a better future, download this book for free. I am on my second reading, have watched all three Zeitgeist Documentaries, posted here on EE, along with some of Peter Joseph’s interviews. Consider joining or starting a Zeitgeist Chapter where you live.