This page is called Unslanted News, but actually, we want slanted news, but only our version. Here’s how slanted is defined: Sloped or leaning in a particular direction. But our slant is not toward the desires of the corporate owners, like most of the media. Instead, it is toward the primary goal of EE, which is to use The CorD Method filter on everything that is offered here. If it slants toward Connection and away from Division, we’re all over it.

As you probably know, most of the media around the world is owned or controlled by a few corporations or by governments. That will not offer the truth behind the headlines. Typically, it is slanted toward the interests of the corporation or government that owns that particular media outlet.

Using the CorD Method when I read an article, book, or watch a video, if it helps Connect, then that is a slant I want.

When you have access to a wide variety of stories, news, and opinions, you be more aware of what is going on in the world. All will be biases information because if a human wrote it, that can’t be helped. Everyone has an agenda, whether they admit it or are aware of it, or not. That’s why there are several sources listed below.

When you search for information on the internet, if your goal is to prove you are right about whatever it is, you will find something that corroborates your bias. So as long as it is becoming more and more difficult to find the truth among the pile of half-truths and lies, use your CorD filter and lean in the direction of Connection.

I have signed up for all of the listings below and if something starts to feel like it is counter to the goal of building more Connection, then it will be deleted.

Below you will find links to several news sources, blogs, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels. If you want something added to the list, just shoot me a message using the Contact link above, and I’ll check it out.

Note: Not every story in every source below fits with the EE mission of Connection. An important part of the CorD Method is thinking for yourself, rather than just accepting something. I recommend you take a peek and determine which ones appeal to you.

Global Connections Worldwide – Reporting On ‘All Shades of Green’ to Ensure the Health and Longevity of Our Planet – One of the Few Honest Journalists

Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp – Using Comedy To Bring Truth To the People – Protecting the Planet

The – Seeking Truth – Compulsively Curious About What’s Next – Creating Change By Raising Consciousness

Regie’s Blog – Clear Thinker, Great Writing – Fearless, Accountable, Transparent Journalism

Russell Brand’s Twes – Who Knew He Could Be So Articulate and Thoughtful – Ideas that allow you to manage and master this universe of information. – What’s Happening In the World – Conscious Evolutionaries Joining – Stories That Connect Us – News Supported By Real People – Science-Based Natural Health Advocacy

Dan Rather on Facebook – Respected Journalist – For a Just, Prosperous, Equitable World – Drive Development of New Technologies To Maximize Human Potential

Star Talk РNeil deGrasse Tyson, our favorite astrophysicist/cosmologist with a bit of Pop Culture

TruthDig – Drilling Beneath the Headlines

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn … and change.” —Carl Rogers

Free Mind-Opening Ebook

More than anything else I’ve found, The Zeitgeist Movement Defined, Realizing a New Train of Thought, gives me more hope that a beautiful future is possible for all. Not right away, though. We all need to shift our thinking, open our hearts, and awaken to a new way of seeing the world. If you truly want to heal the planet and build a better future, download this book for free. I am on my second reading, have watched all three Zeitgeist Documentaries, posted here on EE, along with some of Peter Joseph’s interviews. Consider joining or starting a Zeitgeist Chapter where you live.